Electronics components

Processing measurements

A.S.T. GmbH Dresden offers a wide range of measurement amplifiers and display devices for DMS force sensors. Our devices are used in industrial-automation, laboratory, and weighing-technology applications.

Common signal outputs are force displays, switching signals, standard signals, RS232/485, Profibus, Ethernet, and radio transmission.

Forces need to be measured accurately in order to ensure the safety and quality of your products for your customers. That’s where we come in with products such as our AE 703 mobile force display, combining ease of operation with maximum precision and optimal functionality. You get a measuring device in full industrial quality, scalable for 16 different measurement ranges, tailored to your specific requirements. Our AE703 display uses TEDS sensor detection for increased flexibility and, above all, security. Simply plug in the appropriate force sensor with TEDS and measure.

Our experience in difficult applications and our ability to quickly implement measurement tasks in market-ready products have made us a recognized partner to industry. We offer comprehensive advice, and we support you in your measurement processing tasks with our in-house amplifiers, displays, switch modules, and PC software.

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