Train preheating systems

A.S.T. Train preheating systems are energy management systems for the preheating, air conditioning, and freeze-proof shutoff of railway passenger cars and traction vehicles.

The systems were developed in close cooperation with the former BZA and DB Energie in Frankfurt, and they provide up to 40% energy savings compared to manual preheating or air conditioning.

They ensure that shut-off car sets are preheated or air conditioned at a particular time so that the cars are at a comfortable temperature when passengers begin boarding.

The systems are mainly installed at railroad hubs or makeup yards. In railway passenger car repair and ICE shops, the systems supply cars, train sets, or ICE trains with energy during repair and maintenance work. The modular design of the system makes it easy to expand the system with new branches. The switching operations and power consumption at the individual supply points are recorded by the control system and thus can also be evaluated and allocated.

Train preheating systems brochure