Force-Measurement Application for Railway EKM 305

Measuring systems for quality assurance of railway vehicles

Due to their size and weight, railway vehicles require an incredible degree of dimensional and manufacturing accuracy – A.S.T. delivers the key for the highest precision: Starting from the single measuring cell, modules and measuring systems up to calibration units, the complete precision chain comes from a single source.

EKM 305 – Systems for the quality assurance of rolling stock, providing the torsion free (tension free) position of railway vehicles, combined with a geometrical measurement solution. A.S.T. provides the highest precision, which is required for manufacturers and during the refurbishment of railway vehicles. The force and geometrical measurement processes of passenger coach are one of the most important parts of the quality assurance process in rolling stock manufacturing and refurbishment. Any torsion of the vehicle can cause derailment, particularly for vehicles operating at high speed. For that reason the rolling stock is measured several times during the production process. In most cases the force measurement and the collection of geometrical data is carried out according to the German DIN 25043 standard.

This means a single system can be used to determine all parameters of the tension-free position, the thicknesses of the shims on the truck points, and the entire spatial profile including the “best fit” calculation and rotation around the longitudinal axis of the rail car superstructure.

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