SLS 801 Safety Load Monitor

  • Amplifier with integrated overload protection
  • Input: 4x strain gauge
  • Output: 2x standard signal; digital bus systems
  • 8 digital switching outputs in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1

The amplifier with integrated overload protection SLS 801 is used in machines and systems for monitoring and comparing the output signal. The control system is built with 100 % redundancy as well as diversity for the critical safety function. Exceeding programmable signal limits will be generating digital fault signals.

  • Protection: EN ISO 13849-1: available for performance level PLd
  • Sensor inputs:
    2x2 Strain gauge Sensors or
    2x2 4...20mA-Sensors (also 2-wire)
  • Digital inputs: 16 channels optically isolated
  • Analog outputs: 2x 4...20mA or 2x 0-10V
  • Output control panel: 8x DC1: 24V/2A
  • Interfaces:
    X1: RS485 / RS232 optional
    X2: CAN
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