Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the ASTAS software in my Labview environment with a DLL header file?

Yes, the ASTAS-DLL and documentation can be downloaded here


BA 660/661: How can I use the amplifier to calibrate with a new sensor and different nominal force?

This example shows how to use the BA 660 to change the sensor from 500N nominal force and 2mV/V to a sensor with 4kN nominal force, so that the output of the amplifier will be the same value at the different nominal force;

  1. Adjust the amplifier: From 2mV/V switch to 0.25 mV/V
  2. Set calibration switch box to zero and zero the output (press keys "+0%" and "- 0%" simultaneously)
  3. Set calibration switch box to 0,2 mV/V and the amplifier output to 80% of nominal value using the keys "+/- 100%"

Masterforce: What are the differences to the old easyforce systems?

The masterforce system uses masterforce sensors, which are sensors with the best accuracy class and multi point calibration. Using the TEDS-M function includes the storage of 6 calibration points (TEDS only 2) during factory calibration or DAkkS. Through these extra points it is possible to guarantee the best performance and precision especially, when force transducers are used for tension and compression (two directions).

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